Saving one horse won't change the world, but it will surely change the world for that one horse.

 Southern Sun Farm sanctuary is a non-profit equine rehabilitation haven providing a safe, secure home for abandoned, neglected, abused, retired, unwanted horses. Our "herd" also includes various dogs, cats (as well as the curious raccoon, possum or fawn). Some of our rehabilitated horses are adopted into loving homes while others live useful lives at the sanctuary as riding horses, as "pasture potatoes" or simply enjoying life with their new family of other horses and volunteers. 
We are dedicated to healing and restoring the body, mind, spirit energy of each horse with love, kindness, and genuine compassion for the traumatic life experiences that they have endured.

No matter their path ~ All are honored and treasured.

Love recognizes no barriers.

It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates veils to arrive at its destination full in spirit.

The giving human spirit is the greatest blessing of love

when it comes to healing.

Humbly, we share in each horse's personal healing journey so that they may once again, feel safe and secure to live as the peaceful, majestic,  free spirit they were born to be.