Our new Cover Photo for the Facebook Page is also the design on our tee shirts that are available at Zazzle. This change would not have happened without our dear friend Allen Dempsey (Kim Dempsey) and his work mates at Samaritan's Purse! Thank you!

THANK YOU BINKY FOUNDATION for donating 600 tons of dirt to help prepare the new barn site!

THANK YOU for donating two working cupolas to facilitate the hay storage in the top part of the new barn!


THANK YOU DOUBLE D TRAILERS for including us in your Horse Rescue Corner!

MANY THANKS TO THE HELLIWELL FAMILY FOUNDATION for their generous gift which allowed us to build a new pasture shed, among other things!

THANK YOU BINKY FOUNDATION for your donation which blessed us with a compact manure spreader!

THANK YOU for donating the 4-Wheel Drive Polaris Ranger which helps us feed horses in remote pastures and moving supplies and equipment!

THANK YOU for donating the Electric fence and charger to provide a mobile divider for larger pastures and better grass management.

THANK YOU LYNN & CHET EVANS for your Christmas/Hanukkah gift in the name of your granddaughter Sadie Elle!

THANK YOU LESLIE & DOUG BLACK for your donation supporting "Beer for my Horses...and Wine" Fundraiser!

WE ARE GRATEFUL for your donations - William Ferrell, Susan and Michael Mullane, Bev Lisk, Donna & Dan Draper, Tamara Harvey, Judith Davis, Susan Chapman, Henry Reintges, Lynn Daines, Judy Massey, Jackson Curlin, Michael Moriarty, Christopher Jones, Ann Clark, Greg Charles, Brian Viggiano, Donna Parsons, Daniel Draper, Forest & Sally Hartgrove, Thorn McDaniel, Lynn Evans, Lee Levinson, Donato & Kim Viggiano, Jeffrey Strohman, Doug Black, Michael Friedman, Gail Ryan, Jia Wildwyn, Lori Blevins, and the Anonymous donor -Thank You all for helping us - help the horses in need!



We value your time and deeply appreciate your love and interest in choosing to volunteer with us!

A Whinny of Thanks for the Love

to Volunteers, Visitors

and Donors!

Horse Friends...

Our Deepest Gratitude to All of Hands and Hearts that Help the Herd...