My Name is Rocky!

This is me Now!

ROCKY aka "The Rock Star"

Details - Sweet Rocky came to Southern Sun Farm in February 2018. His family's farm in Surrey County, NC was being foreclosed on and while we had no room, we agreed to take whichever horse was in the worst condition. Rocky was truly a rescue situation. Rocky had a bad eye infection and, although not a big horse, he was seriously underweight. He has gained 163 lbs in 7 months and has started back under saddle. Because of his transformation, John calls him "Rock Star"... and Oh, he truly is!

Medical status - To make sure that he is fed well and will not be reminded of starvation.

Riding Status -

Nature/Personality - He is very sweet and friendly. He likes watching what the human people are doing and often follow Ann and the volunteers around like a puppy. Due to his starvation experience when it comes to food (comically) he's been known to "terrorize the village." He can also be a little flower thief as he's been known to strip flowers from the flower box!

Favorite Things - Oh Boy, he does love his food and treats! He especially loves one on one attention, grooming, and a loving voice telling him how beautiful he is!

This was me before.

Adoption fees cover the costs associated with veterinarian examinations in preparation for adoption and purchases for those in need such as slaughter horses. Potential adopters will be asked to participate in a pre-adoption period where we can determine if the horse and adopter are the right fit. Please contact us below if you are interested in adopting.

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